Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dont go home

So a couple days ago i was driving home on highway 68. For those who are familiar i was at the part on the highway where it single lanes. So there i was driving and a creepy mini van comes roaring up behind me and is literally a foot away from my car, riding my butt.
For the record i can get pretty ticked off at people when i am driving and i do not put up with anything so when this man decided to ride my butt i decided to tap on my brakes a little. When i had done that i looked in my mirror and saw him smiling and his car only getting closer to mine.
My second strategy was to than go super slow. Seeing that the speed limit was 55 i decided to go 45-still he would not back off. At this point i was getting just a little nervous, but i knew that my turn off to go home was only a 1/2 mile away.
Before i cam up to my turn i decided that i was going to turn into the left turn lane last minute to see if he was going to follow me or i did that so did he.
At this point i was SCARED! My mom always told me that if someone is following you to never go home so they wont be able to see where you live. While sitting at a red light i didnt knw


Laurie said...

where is the rest of the story, that was intense!

Aunt Pat said...

Yeah, where is the rest of the story? And for the record, your driving responses were not very productive and could have exacerbated the problem. We need to talk! I'm coming down!

Laura said...

Ok, the rest of the story annie!

Tasha said...

So are you still alive!!!!