Sunday, March 30, 2008

some pictures of my roomies and I

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I dont have anything really interesting. to post so im just gonna update you on some things. So my job is going pretty good, i am loving the extra cash rolling through. I am managing working there as long as its no longer than 4 hours a day-3 hours are much more managable. The kids that work there are very interesting, lots of them are weird and nerdish, but thats what makes it so fun i guess. I am pretty popular there considering im new and all but 4 different guys want me: one being in high school, one who i think is a little to "femie", the other one is immature and thinks "i want him badly" just by the way i look at him and smile(said by himself), and the other one seems kinda normal I guess.

Other than working I am just trying to get through school and my many fun essays that are due pretty soon :( hence the reason why i am breaking out. The joys of stress