Sunday, February 10, 2008

Money Maker

Alright so here is the newest thing that has happened to me....i now have a job in utah. Now in ephraim , job opportunities are very slim, and the pay here SUCKS! Minimum wage here is like 5.50 while in California it is now 8.00. Ok 5.50 an hour blows my mind... you might as well not even work at all for that amount. Anyways so i have been wanting to get a job here for sometime now...i miss earning my own money. So with very few choices such as wal-mart, mcdonalds, basically anything fast food i said no way i will never work with food.
I had heard about western wats-survey research. When i first heard of this i immediatly thought of telemarketing. Now i HATE telemarketers i am never nice to them...once i answer the phone and hear nothing i know its those buggers so i just hang up. And when i have to communicate with them...ugh i just have no patience with them. A survey researcher is totally different.... our sole purpose is to gather opinions from the public about a product of service and then to record it. This job seemed pretty boring but upon being able to make your own schedules each week, with a pay of 8.00 an hour(highest paying job in epharim) i thought what the heck. So on monday is when i start the beginning of an interesting job.
That expression what goes around comes around, ya i am totally ready for my rude treatment on the phone to be handed right back to me. After this job i know i will have a whole new appreciation to telemarketers/survey research.


Patricia said...

OK - so, how many calls are you expected to make a minute? CALL ME so I can HANG UP!

Laura said...

So how was it on Monday?

Nate and Tasha said...

So have ya quit yet??